rates for businesses

My rates follow Editors Canada industry standard and take into consideration my 15+ years of experience. I offer one-off and retainer packages for my corporate clients.

A la carte services

Should you wish to hire me to help with your editing and/or writing needs, my rates are as follows:

Structural Editing, Copy Editing, Proofreading: $75/hr
Writing: $100/hr

The total cost of your project will depend on level of writing/editing required, the quality of existing writing, word count, and desired timeline.

I do charge an additional $25/hr for rush projects, and I define a “rush” project as follows:

For projects under 3,000 words: Due the same week as the original connect
For projects 3,000–15,000 words: Due within two weeks from the original connect
For projects over 15,000 words: Due within three weeks from the original connect

I will let you know at the time of the original connect whether your project would be subject to a rush fee.

Retainer packages

I offer a reduced hourly fee for corporate clients who wish to hire me on an ongoing basis. Here’s how it works: You hire me for X hours/month for a minimum commitment of six moths, and I’ll reduce my hourly fee. The amount by which my fee is reduced depends on how many hours you wish to purchase.

Please note: My availability for retainer clients is limited, so I encourage you to reach out ASAP if you’d like to talk to me about this arrangement.

For clients who purchase 10 hours/month: $70/hr
For clients who purchase 20 hours/month: $65/hr
For clients who purchase 21+ hours/month: $60/hr

Connect with me to talk about how I can help your business or non-profit with your writing/editing needs.