These are our stories

I’ve had the absolute privilege and honour to have worked with memoir writers for the past 15+ years. As you can imagine, I’ve heard some pretty amazing stories. And these stories have come from everyday people, not celebrities.

People like you*.

*Unless you are Michelle Obama-level fame, in which case you likely don’t need much help catching people’s attention.

It takes incredible vulnerability to share your story. I’ve seen this over and over again. Part of my role is to help a writer know that what they have to say matters. That their story matters. That their experience matters.

These Are Our Stories is a podcast that dives into these stories. What drives people to share raw, personal experiences (and not always happy ones at that)? Where does this need to chronicle our life experiences come from? And how can we share them?

My guests have all taken this journey and are in one stage or another of the life writing process. Some have published books out in the world. Others are still in the drafting stage. Some are writing books, but others are sharing via blogs/social mediapoetry collectionsessays, and even live performance.

There’s all kinds of creative ways to share your story!

Want to be a guest on These Are Our Stories?

If you’d like an opportunity to share your writing journey on this podcast, I’d love to hear from you! Send me an email at, and we’ll chat.

Because we all have stories. These are ours.